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About us

Shenzhen iSmart Technology Co., Ltd. was the veteran of Asian IoT technology since 2016. In order to help create a power-saving, comfortable and efficient smart life for humanbeing, we are focusing on designing, developping and supplying smart home electric and power saving solutions, Wi-fi electric switches, dimmer, socket, plugs, power strip, smoke detector and other macro home appliance for global market.

Company Ethics:

We insist on our own enterprise ethics for the business, namely Trust, Efficient, Win-win, Professional.

Company Strength:

Updated Technology is what we tighly follow up with. We have internal hardware designer and R&D engineers, proffesional manufacturing team and production lines, testing and QC team, sales team, service team and logistic team to provide more efficient support to our customers worldwide, such as Asia, Europe, Latin America, etc., We can flexibly and efficiently provide kinds of OEM & ODM for our customers worldwide. Through several years efforts by our R&D team, our company has kinds of products lines fit for different standard & requirements of most of countries, such as USA, UK, Europe, Australia, India, Brazil, Japan, etc., Every year we invested a lot and input resources into technology innovations and new products development. Keep moving in technology creation is our spirit.

Main Products Line (Wireless Wi-fi & Zigbee Protocol):

- Smart Home Electric Solutions

- Dimmer

- Switches

- Socket

- Plug

- Smoke Detector

- Power Strip

- Smart Lighting

- Smart Lockset


- Home Care

- Consumer Electronics

Welcome global cusotmers contact us for long-term partnership and win-win cooperation.

"Let's Make Life Different!"


Contact Us

Contact: Eliana

Phone: +8618465021362

Tel: +8618465021362

Whatsapp: +8618465021362

Add: F107 Mei Di Xuan, Wan Ke City, Bantian, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

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